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msb-430-common/drivers/include/sht11-board.h File Reference

SHT11 Device Driver Configuration For MSB-430 Platform. More...

Detailed Description

Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, Computer Systems & Telematics, RIOT

Definition in file msb-430-common/drivers/include/sht11-board.h.

#include <msp430x16x.h>
#include "bitarithm.h"
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#define SHT11_SCK_LOW   P3OUT &= ~(BIT5);
 serial clock line low
#define SHT11_SCK_HIGH   P3OUT |= BIT5;
 serial clock line high
#define SHT11_DATA   (P3IN & BIT5)
 read serial I/O
#define SHT11_DATA_LOW   P3OUT &= ~(BIT5);
 serial I/O line low
#define SHT11_DATA_HIGH   P3OUT |= BIT5;
 serial I/O line high
#define SHT11_DATA_IN   P3DIR &= ~(BIT5);
 serial I/O as input
#define SHT11_DATA_OUT   P3DIR |= BIT5;
 serial I/O as output
#define SHT11_INIT   P3DIR |= BIT5; /* FIO1DIR |= BIT25; PINSEL3 &= ~(BIT14|BIT15 | BIT16|BIT17); */