irq_arch.h File Reference

Interrupt handling interface for globally en- and disabling interrupts. More...

Detailed Description

This file acts as a wrapper between the kernels interrupt interface and the architecture dependent implementation of the interfaces.

All functions in this module have to be implemented in a way that it is safe to call them from within the context of an ISR.
Hauke Petersen

Definition in file irq_arch.h.

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unsigned int irq_arch_enable (void)
 Globally enable maskable interrupt sources. More...
unsigned int irq_arch_disable (void)
 Globally disable all maskable interrupt sources. More...
void irq_arch_restore (unsigned int state)
 Restore a previously recorded IRQ state. More...
int irq_arch_in (void)
 See if the current context is inside an ISR. More...

Function Documentation

◆ irq_arch_disable()

unsigned int irq_arch_disable ( void  )
the IRQ state before disabling interrupts

◆ irq_arch_enable()

unsigned int irq_arch_enable ( void  )
the IRQ state after enabling interrupts

◆ irq_arch_in()

int irq_arch_in ( void  )
1 if currently in interrupt context, 0 otherwise

◆ irq_arch_restore()

void irq_arch_restore ( unsigned int  state)
[in]statethe state to set the IRQ flags to