RIOT integration of SPIFFS. More...

Detailed Description

The RIOT integration of SPIFFS follows the SPIFFS wiki:


file  spiffs_fs.h
 SPIFFS integration with vfs.

Data Structures

struct  spiffs_desc
 This contains everything needed to run an instance of SPIFFS. More...


#define SPIFFS_DIR_SIZE   (12)
 Size of the buffer needed for directory.


typedef struct spiffs_desc spiffs_desc_t
 This contains everything needed to run an instance of SPIFFS.


const vfs_file_system_t spiffs_file_system
 The SPIFFS vfs driver, a pointer to a spiffs_desc_t must be provided as vfs_mountp::private_data.

SPIFFS config constants

#define SPIFFS_FS_CACHE_SIZE   (512)
 the size of the cache buffer More...
#define SPIFFS_FS_WORK_SIZE   (512)
 The size of the work buffer. More...
#define SPIFFS_FS_FD_SPACE_SIZE   (4 * 32)
 the size of the file descriptor buffer More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SPIFFS_FS_CACHE_SIZE   (512)

Ignored if cache is disabled in build config. One cache page will be slightly larger than the logical page size. The more ram, the more cache pages, the quicker the system.

Definition at line 58 of file spiffs_fs.h.


#define SPIFFS_FS_FD_SPACE_SIZE   (4 * 32)

A file descriptor normally is around 32 bytes depending on the build config - the bigger the buffer, the more file descriptors are available.

Definition at line 80 of file spiffs_fs.h.


#define SPIFFS_FS_WORK_SIZE   (512)

A ram memory buffer being double the size of the logical page size This buffer is used extensively by the spiffs stack. If logical page size is 256, this buffer must be 512 bytes.

Definition at line 71 of file spiffs_fs.h.