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Layered PM Infrastructure

This module provides a base infrastructure that MCU's may use to implement periph/pm. More...

Detailed Description

This simple power management interface is based on the following assumptions:

In order to use this module, you'll need to implement pm_set().


file  pm_layered.h
 Layered low power mode infrastructure.


void pm_block (unsigned mode)
 Block a power mode. More...
void pm_unblock (unsigned mode)
 Unblock a power mode. More...
void pm_set (unsigned mode)
 Switches the MCU to a new power mode. More...

Function Documentation

void pm_block ( unsigned  mode)
[in]modepower mode to block
void pm_set ( unsigned  mode)

This function will be called by pm_set_lowest() after determining the lowest non-blocked mode.

It needs to be implemented for each MCU using this module.

[in]modeTarget power mode
void pm_unblock ( unsigned  mode)
[in]modepower mode to unblock