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5x5 Font 'Mineplex'

The Mineplex font for containing 5x5 pixel ASCII characters. More...

Detailed Description


file  mineplex.h
 Interface definition to access the Mineplex font.


#define MINEPLEX_CHAR_W   (5U)
 The width of a single character in pixel.
#define MINEPLEX_CHAR_H   (5U)
 The height of a single character in pixel.


const uint8_t * mineplex_char (char c)
 Get the Mineplex representation of a given ASCII character. More...

Function Documentation

const uint8_t* mineplex_char ( char  c)

The function returns the pointer to a 5 byte pointer containing the Mineplex representation of the given ASCII character. The Mineplex character is encoded row wise from top to bottom using the least significant 5 bit, where byte 1, bit 1 is the top left pixel of the encoded character.

[in]ccharacter to translate
a 5 byte big buffer containing the encoded Mineplex character