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Detailed Description

This feature can be used by any application by adding auto_init to USEMODULE in the application's Makefile. auto_init will initialize any other included module that does not require a parameter in its init function, i.e. if the prototype looks like this: void MODULE_init(void). Most timer modules or simple drivers can be initialized by auto_init. The modules will be initialized in the context of the main thread right before the main function gets called. Be aware that most modules expect to be initialized only once, so do not call a module's init function when using auto_init unless you know what you're doing.


file  auto_init.h


void auto_init (void)
 Initializes all high level modules that do not require parameters for initialization or uses default values. More...

Function Documentation

◆ auto_init()

void auto_init ( void  )

This function gets called - if not explicitely disabled - by kernel_init right before jumping into main.