Provides a SLIP interface over UART utilizing UART. More...

Detailed Description

See also
RFC 1055


file  slip.h
 SLIP interface defintion.

Data Structures

struct  gnrc_slip_dev_t
 Device descriptor for SLIP devices. More...
struct  xbee_params
 auto_init struct holding SLIP initalization params More...


#define GNRC_SLIP_BUFSIZE   (1500U)
 UART buffer size used for TX and RX buffers. More...


typedef struct xbee_params gnrc_slip_params_t
 auto_init struct holding SLIP initalization params


kernel_pid_t gnrc_slip_init (gnrc_slip_dev_t *dev, uart_t uart, uint32_t baudrate, char *stack, size_t stack_size, char priority)
 Initializes a new SLIP control thread for UART device uart. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GNRC_SLIP_BUFSIZE   (1500U)

Reduce this value if your expected traffic does not include full IPv6 MTU sized packets

Definition at line 44 of file slip.h.

Function Documentation

◆ gnrc_slip_init()

kernel_pid_t gnrc_slip_init ( gnrc_slip_dev_t dev,
uart_t  uart,
uint32_t  baudrate,
char *  stack,
size_t  stack_size,
char  priority 
[in]devun-initialized SLIP device descriptor
[in]uartUART device to use
[in]baudratebaudrate to use
[in]stackstack memory to use for the SLIP devices thread
[in]stack_sizesize of stack
[in]prioritypriority for the newly created thread
PID of SLIP thread on success
-EFAULT, if slip thread could not be created
-ENODEV, if gnrc_slip_dev_t::uart of dev was no valid UART