Neighbor discovery for pure IPv6 nodes

Used for pure IPv6 nodes (without 6LoWPAN). More...

Detailed Description


file  node.h
 IPv6-node neighbor discovery definitions.


kernel_pid_t gnrc_ndp_node_next_hop_l2addr (uint8_t *l2addr, uint8_t *l2addr_len, kernel_pid_t iface, ipv6_addr_t *dst, gnrc_pktsnip_t *pkt)
 Get link-layer address and interface for next hop to destination IPv6 address. More...

Function Documentation

◆ gnrc_ndp_node_next_hop_l2addr()

kernel_pid_t gnrc_ndp_node_next_hop_l2addr ( uint8_t *  l2addr,
uint8_t *  l2addr_len,
kernel_pid_t  iface,
ipv6_addr_t dst,
gnrc_pktsnip_t pkt 
[out]l2addrThe link-layer for the next hop to dst.
[out]l2addr_lenLength of l2addr.
[in]ifaceThe interface to search the next hop on. May be KERNEL_PID_UNDEF if not specified.
[in]dstAn IPv6 address to search the next hop for.
[in]pktPacket to send to dst. Leave NULL if you just want to get the addresses.
The PID of the interface, on success.
-EHOSTUNREACH, if dst is not reachable.
-ENOBUFS, if l2addr_len was smaller than the resulting l2addr would be long.