Translates IPv6 addresses to link layer addresses. More...

Detailed Description


file  nc.h
 Neighbor cache definitions.


 The size of the neighbor cache.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_L2_ADDR_MAX   (8)
 The maximum size of a link layer address.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_IS_ROUTER   (0x08)
 The neighbor is a router.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_TYPE_MASK   (0x30)
 Mask for neighbor cache state.

Flag definitions for gnrc_ipv6_nc_t

#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_STATE_MASK   (0x07)
 States of a neighbor cache entry. More...
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_STATE_POS   (0)
 Shift of neighbor cache state.
 The entry is not manage by NDP.
 The entry is unreachable. More...
 Address resolution is performed.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_STATE_STALE   (0x03)
 The entry is stale.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_STATE_DELAY   (0x04)
 The entry was stale but packet was sent out.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_STATE_PROBE   (0x05)
 Periodic reachabality confirmation.
 The entry is reachable.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_TYPE_NONE   (0x00)
 States of a neighbor cache entry. More...
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_TYPE_GC   (0x10)
 The entry is marked for removal.
#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_TYPE_TENTATIVE   (0x20)
 The entry is temporary.
 The entry is registered.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_STATE_MASK   (0x07)
See also
RFC 4861, section 7.3.2 Mask for neighbor cache state

Definition at line 66 of file nc.h.


See also
RFC 7048, section 3

Definition at line 78 of file nc.h.


#define GNRC_IPV6_NC_TYPE_NONE   (0x00)
See also
RFC 6775, section 3.5 The entry has no type

The node sents multicast Neighbor Solicitations for hosts.

Definition at line 105 of file nc.h.