Minimal driver for the NRF51 radio. More...

Detailed Description


file  nrfmin_gnrc.h
 GNRC adapter for nrfmin devices (e.g.


void gnrc_netdev_nrfmin_init (void)
 Initialize the nrfmin GNRC adapter, also takes care of the nrfmin driver setup. More...

Function Documentation

◆ gnrc_netdev_nrfmin_init()

void gnrc_netdev_nrfmin_init ( void  )

As we have never more than 1 nrfmin device on a board, we can make some simplifications when it come to allocating device descriptors and adapter data structures -> we do this right in the driver/adapter code, so this function can be called from auto_init as is, without the need for external memory allocation.