Serial NOR flash

Driver for serial NOR flash memory technology devices attached via SPI. More...

Detailed Description


file  mtd_spi_nor.h
 Interface definition for the serial flash memory driver.

Data Structures

struct  mtd_spi_nor_opcode_t
 SPI NOR flash opcode table. More...
struct  mtd_jedec_id_t
 Internal representation of JEDEC memory ID codes. More...
struct  mtd_spi_nor_t
 Device descriptor for serial flash memory devices. More...


#define JEDEC_NEXT_BANK   (0x7f)
 Byte to signal increment bank number when reading manufacturer ID. More...
#define SPI_NOR_F_SECT_4K   (1)
 Flag to set when the device support 4KiB sector erase (sector_erase opcode)
#define SPI_NOR_F_SECT_32K   (2)
 Flag to set when the device support 32KiB block erase (block_erase_32k opcode)


const mtd_desc_t mtd_spi_nor_driver
 NOR flash SPI MTD device operations table.
const mtd_spi_nor_opcode_t mtd_spi_nor_opcode_default
 Default command opcodes. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define JEDEC_NEXT_BANK   (0x7f)

Variable Documentation

◆ mtd_spi_nor_opcode_default

const mtd_spi_nor_opcode_t mtd_spi_nor_opcode_default

The numbers were taken from Micron M25P16, but the same opcodes can be found in Macronix MX25L25735E, and multiple other data sheets for different devices, as well as in the Linux kernel, so they seem quite sensible for default values.