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HDC1000 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Driver for the TI HDC1000 Humidity and Temperature Sensor. More...

Detailed Description

The driver will initialize the sensor for best resolution (14 bit). Currently the driver doesn't use the heater. Temperature and humidity are acquired in sequence. The sensor is always in sleep mode.

The temperature and humidity values can either be acquired using the simplified hdc1000_read() function, or the conversion can be triggered manually using the hdc1000_trigger_conversion() and hdc1000_get_results() functions sequentially. If using the second method, on must wait at least HDC1000_CONVERSION_TIME between triggering the conversion and reading the results.

The driver does currently not support using the devices heating unit.


file  hdc1000_regs.h
 Register definitions for HDC1000 devices.
file  hdc1000.h
 Interface definition for the HDC1000 sensor driver.

Data Structures

struct  hdc1000_params_t
 Parameters needed for device initialization. More...
struct  hdc1000_t
 Device descriptor for HDC1000 sensors. More...


#define HDC1000_I2C_ADDRESS   (0x43)
 Default I2C bus address of HDC1000 devices.
#define HDC1000_CONVERSION_TIME   (26000)
 Typical conversion time needed to acquire new values [in us]. More...


enum  { HDC1000_OK = 0, HDC1000_NODEV = -1, HDC1000_NOBUS = -2 }
 HDC1000 specific return values. More...
enum  hdc1000_res_t { HDC1000_11BIT = (HDC1000_TRES11 | HDC1000_HRES11), HDC1000_14BIT = (HDC1000_TRES14 | HDC1000_HRES14) }
 Possible resolution values. More...


int hdc1000_init (hdc1000_t *dev, const hdc1000_params_t *params)
 Initialize the given HDC1000 device. More...
void hdc1000_trigger_conversion (hdc1000_t *dev)
 Trigger a new conversion. More...
void hdc1000_get_results (hdc1000_t *dev, int16_t *temp, int16_t *hum)
 Read conversion results for temperature and humidity. More...
void hdc1000_read (hdc1000_t *dev, int16_t *temp, int16_t *hum)
 Convenience function for reading temperature and humidity. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define HDC1000_CONVERSION_TIME   (26000)
This time value is chosen twice as large as needed for two 14-bit conversions (worst case) to allow for timer imprecision: (convert temp + convert hum) * 2 -> (6.5ms + 6.5ms) * 2 := 26ms.

Definition at line 66 of file hdc1000.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

everything went as expected


no HDC1000 device found on the bus


errors while initializing the I2C bus

Definition at line 72 of file hdc1000.h.


11-bit conversion


14-bit conversion

Definition at line 81 of file hdc1000.h.

Function Documentation

void hdc1000_get_results ( hdc1000_t dev,
int16_t *  temp,
int16_t *  hum 
[in]devdevice descriptor of sensor
[out]temptemperature [in 100 * degree centigrade]
[out]humhumidity [in 100 * percent relative]
int hdc1000_init ( hdc1000_t dev,
const hdc1000_params_t params 
[out]devdevice descriptor of sensor to initialize
[in]paramsconfiguration parameters
HDC1000_OK on success
HDC1000_NOBUS if initialization of I2C bus fails
HDC1000_NODEV if no HDC1000 device found on bus
void hdc1000_read ( hdc1000_t dev,
int16_t *  temp,
int16_t *  hum 

This function will trigger a new conversion, wait for the conversion to be finished and the get the results from the device.

[in]devdevice descriptor of sensor
[out]temptemperature [in 100 * degree centigrade]
[out]humhumidity [in 100 * percent relative]
void hdc1000_trigger_conversion ( hdc1000_t dev)

After the conversion is triggered, one has to wait HDC1000_CONVERSION_TIME us until the results can be read using hdc1000_get_results().

[in]devdevice descriptor of sensor