Actuator Device Drivers

Drivers for actuating devices. More...

Detailed Description

Drivers for actuating devices.

The group of actuators includes all kind of devices that can actively interact with the physical world, as e.g. motors, lights, sound devices, etc.


 Driver for chained APA102 RGB LEDs.
 Control on-board LEDs
 Access macros to control the on-board LEDs.
 DC Motor Driver
 High-level driver for DC motors.
 Device driver interface for the DSP0401 alphanumeric display.
 Dynamixel driver
 Drivers for any device using dynamixel's servomotors communication bus.
 Feetech driver
 Drivers for any device using feetech's servomotors communication bus.
 Grove ledbar
 Driver for the Grove ledbar.
 HD44780 LCD driver
 Driver for the Hitachi HD44780 LCD driver.
 LPD8808 based LED Strip
 Driver for LPD8808 based LED strips.
 MY9221 LED controller
 Driver for the MY-Semi MY9221 LED controller.
 PCD8544 LCD driver
 Driver for PCD8544 LCD displays.
 RGB-LED driver
 High-level driver for RGB-LEDs.
 Servo Motor Driver
 High-level driver for servo motors.
 half-duplex UART Driver
 This module contains drivers for UART half-duplex communication bus.