CPU specific implementations for the STM32F1. More...

Detailed Description

CPU specific implementations for the STM32F1.


file  cpu_conf.h
 Implementation specific CPU configuration options.
file  periph_cpu.h
 CPU specific definitions for internal peripheral handling.


#define STM32L1XX_XL   (1U)
 STM32 L1 cpu type. More...
 ARM Cortex-M specific CPU configuration.
#define CPU_IRQ_NUMOF   (57U)

Flash page configuration


Macro Definition Documentation


#define STM32L1XX_XL   (1U)

STM32 L1 cpu type.

From CMSIS header file, allowed values for L1 cpu types are:

  • STM32L1XX_MD:
    • Ultra Low Power Medium-density devices: STM32L151x6xx, STM32L151x8xx, STM32L151xBxx, STM32L152x6xx, STM32L152x8xx, STM32L152xBxx, STM32L151x6xxA, STM32L151x8xxA, STM32L151xBxxA, STM32L152x6xxA, SM32L152x8xxA and STM32L152xBxxA.
    • Ultra Low Power Medium-density Value Line devices: STM32L100x6xx, STM32L100x8xx and STM32L100xBxx.
  • STM32L1XX_MDP:
    • Ultra Low Power Medium-density Plus devices: STM32L151xCxx, STM32L152xCxx and STM32L162xCxx
    • Ultra Low Power Medium-density Plus Value Line devices: STM32L100xCxx
  • STM32L1XX_HD: Ultra Low Power High-density devices: STM32L151xDxx, STM32L152xDxx and STM32L162xDxx
  • STM32L1XX_XL: Ultra Low Power XL-density devices: STM32L151xExx, STM32L152xExx and STM32L162xExx

Definition at line 54 of file cpu_conf.h.