Nordic nRF52 MCU

Nordic nRF52 family of CPUs. More...

Detailed Description

Nordic nRF52 family of CPUs.


file  cpu_conf.h
 nRF52 specific CPU configuration
file  periph_cpu.h
 nRF52 specific definitions for handling peripherals


static void nrf52_sleep (void)
 SoftDevice settings. More...

ARM Cortex-M specific CPU configuration

#define CPU_FLASH_BASE   (0x00000000)
#define FLASHPAGE_SIZE   (4096U)
 Flash page configuration.

Function Documentation

◆ nrf52_sleep()

static void nrf52_sleep ( void  )

SoftDevice settings.

Put the CPU in the low-power 'wait for event' state

Definition at line 83 of file cpu_conf.h.