Native CPU specific code. More...

Detailed Description

Native CPU specific code.

The native CPU uses system calls to simulate hardware access.

CPU abstraction for the native port

Ludwig Knüpfer


file  async_read.h
 Multiple asynchronus read on file descriptors.
file  native/include/cpu_conf.h
 Native CPU configuration.
file  cpu/native/include/periph_conf.h
 Native CPU peripheral configuration.
file  native/include/periph_cpu.h
 CPU specific definitions for internal peripheral handling.
file  tty_uart.h
 UART implementation based on /dev/tty devices on host.


static void cpu_print_last_instruction (void)
 Prints the address the callee will return to.
typedef void(* _native_callback_t) (void)
 Native CPU internal declarations. More...
int register_interrupt (int sig, _native_callback_t handler)
 register interrupt handler handler for interrupt sig
int unregister_interrupt (int sig)
 unregister interrupt handler for interrupt sig

Typedef Documentation

◆ _native_callback_t

typedef void(* _native_callback_t) (void)

Native CPU internal declarations.

Ludwig Knüpfer Prototype for native's internal callbacks

Definition at line 61 of file native_internal.h.