NXP Kinetis MCU

NXP Kinetis CPU peripheral drivers. More...

Detailed Description

NXP Kinetis CPU peripheral drivers.


 Kinetis ADC
 ADC driver.
 Kinetis CPUID
 CPUID driver.
 Kinetis GPIO
 GPIO driver.
 Kinetis I2C
 I2C driver.
 Kinetis MCG
 Implementation of the Kinetis Multipurpose Clock Generator (MCG) driver.
 Kinetis PWM
 PWM driver.
 Kinetis RNGA
 Driver for Freescale's RNGA module.
 Kinetis RNGB
 Low-level random number generator driver implementation.
 Kinetis RTC
 RTC is clocked by a 32.768 kHz clock.
 Kinetis SPI
 Kinetis SPI driver for MCUs with Cortex-M4 core.
 Kinetis Timer
 Periodic Interrupt Timer (PIT) and Low-Power Timer (LPTMR) driver.
 Kinetis UART
 Kinetis UART driver.
 Kinetis WDOG
 Driver for Freescale WDOG device.


file  cpu_conf_kinetis.h
 CPU specific definitions common to all Kinetis CPUs.
file  kinetis_common/include/periph_cpu.h
 CPU specific definitions for internal peripheral handling.