Compile time configurations

List of compile-time configurations. More...

Detailed Description

List of compile-time configurations.

This group contains all compile-time configurations macros that are intended to be modified by the user.

These configuration macros are defined within modules like this:


Because of that, configurations can be altered e.g via CFLAGS (e.g CFLAGS += -DSOME_CONFIGURATION_PARAM=SOME_VALUE)


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#define ATCA_PARAM_I2C   I2C_DEV(0)
 Set default configuration parameters for the ATCA device. More...
#define ATCA_RX_RETRIES   (20)
#define ATCA_DEVTYPE   (ATECC508A)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ATCA_PARAM_I2C   I2C_DEV(0)

Set default configuration parameters for the ATCA device.

The CryptoAuth library defines the data structure ATCAIfaceCfg for device initialization. We use this instead of a self defined params struct and store it in the params array. ATCAIfaceCfg contains a variable for the bus address, which is never used by the library. We use it to store RIOT's I2C_DEV. We also initialize the baud rate with zero, because RIOT doesn't have an API to change baud.

Definition at line 45 of file atca_params.h.


{ .iface_type = ATCA_I2C_IFACE, \
.devtype = ATCA_DEVTYPE, \
.atcai2c.slave_address = ATCA_PARAM_ADDR, \
.atcai2c.bus = ATCA_PARAM_I2C, \
.atcai2c.baud = -1, \
.wake_delay = 1500, \
.rx_retries = ATCA_RX_RETRIES }
#define ATCA_PARAM_I2C
Set default configuration parameters for the ATCA device.
Definition: atca_params.h:45

Definition at line 58 of file atca_params.h.