Support for the Phytec PhyNODE KW41Z Board. More...

Detailed Description

Support for the Phytec PhyNODE KW41Z Board.


The Phytec PhyNODE-KW41Z board is a development platform based on the PhyWAVE-KW41z wireless module (populated with NXP Semiconductor Kinetis KW41Z microcontroller).

It provides a radio device with Bluetooth Low Energy and/or IEEE 802.15.4.

There's also available an HDL1010 High Accuracy Digital Humidity sensor, a CCS811 IAQ gas sensor and a TCS37727 RGB Light sensor.

There board also provides an SSD1673 Active Matrix EPD 150x200 Display Driver with Controller on board.


Flash the board

To flash the board using OpenOCD:

  1. Use BOARD=phynode-kw41z with the make command.
    Example with hello-world application:
    make BOARD=phynode-kw41z -C examples/hello-world flash term

Current support

Only the TCS37727 RGB Light sensor is supported. There's ongoing work on IEEE802.15.4 radio support for KW41Z and CCS811 gas sensor


file  phynode-kw41z/include/board.h
 Board specific definitions for the USB-KW41Z.
file  boards/phynode-kw41z/include/periph_conf.h