Arduino Uno

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Detailed Description

Support for the Arduino Uno board.


The Arduino Uno is one of the cheapest board to start and discover with electronics and embedded coding. It is based on Atmel's AVR architecture and sports an ATmega328p MCU. It is like many Arduinos extensible by using shields.


MCU ATmega328p
Family AVR/ATmega
Vendor Atmel
Flash 32Kb
Frequency 16MHz
Timers 3 (2x 8bit, 1x 16bit)
ADCs 6 analog input pins
SPIs 1
I2Cs 1 (called TWI)
Vcc 5.0V
Datasheet / Reference Manual Datasheet and Reference Manual
Board Manual Board Manual

Flashing the device

Flashing RIOT on the Arduino Uno is quite straight forward, just connect your Arduino Uno using the programming port to your host computer and type:

make BOARD=arduino-uno flash

This should take care of everything!

We use the open avrdude tool to write the new code into the ATmega328p's flash


Don't expect having a working network stack due to very limited resources.


file  arduino-uno/include/board.h
 Board specific definitions for the Arduino Uno board.