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gnrc_netdev_cc110x.h File Reference

cc110x gnrc glue code interface More...

Detailed Description

#include "net/gnrc/netdev.h"
#include "cc110x-netdev.h"
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#define GNRC_CC110X_H
int gnrc_netdev_cc110x_init (gnrc_netdev_t *gnrc_netdev, netdev_cc110x_t *dev)
 initialize cc110x gnrc glue code More...

Function Documentation

int gnrc_netdev_cc110x_init ( gnrc_netdev_t gnrc_netdev,
netdev_cc110x_t dev 
[in]gnrc_netdevgnrc_netdev state structure to initialize
[in]devcc110x device structure to setup
1 on sucess
<=0 on error