eic_irq.h File Reference

API for supporting External Interrupt Controllers (EIC mode) More...

Detailed Description

API for supporting External Interrupt Controllers (EIC mode)

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Definition in file eic_irq.h.

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#define EIC_IRQ_TIMER   (-1)
 @ brief Internal Interrupt numbers More...
#define EIC_IRQ_FDC   (-2)
#define EIC_IRQ_PC   (-3)


void eic_irq_configure (int irq_num)
 Configure and route the interrupt.
void eic_irq_enable (int irq_num)
 Enable an interrupt.
void eic_irq_disable (int irq_num)
 Disable an interrupt.
void eic_irq_ack (int irq_num)
 Acknowledge an interrupt.

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#define EIC_IRQ_TIMER   (-1)

@ brief Internal Interrupt numbers

MIPS cores have a few internally generated interrupts from the Timer, Performance Counters and Fast Debug Channel hardware, in EIC mode these become outputs from the core and are connected to the external controller, the external control then loops these back at whichever IPL it decides

We use negative numbers to represent these, leaving positive numbers free for the SoC specific interrupts

Definition at line 38 of file eic_irq.h.