csma_sender.h File Reference

Interface definition for the CSMA/CA helper. More...

Detailed Description

Interface definition for the CSMA/CA helper.

Kévin Roussel Kevin.nosp@m..Rou.nosp@m.ssel@.nosp@m.inri.nosp@m.a.fr
Martine Lenders mlend.nosp@m.ers@.nosp@m.inf.f.nosp@m.u-be.nosp@m.rlin..nosp@m.de

Definition in file csma_sender.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include "net/netdev.h"
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Data Structures

struct  csma_sender_conf_t
 Configuration type for backoff. More...


 Default Minimal CSMA/CA Backoff Exponent.
 Default Maximal CSMA/CA Backoff Exponent.
 Default Maximal number of retries for sending a given packet with the CSMA/CA method.
 CSMA/CA backoff period, in microseconds.


int csma_sender_csma_ca_send (netdev_t *dev, iolist_t *iolist, const csma_sender_conf_t *conf)
 Sends a 802.15.4 frame using the CSMA/CA method. More...
int csma_sender_cca_send (netdev_t *dev, iolist_t *iolist)
 Sends a 802.15.4 frame when medium is available. More...


const csma_sender_conf_t CSMA_SENDER_CONF_DEFAULT
 Default configuration.