riot::time_point Class Reference

A time point for timed wait, as clocks from the standard are not available on RIOT. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file chrono.hpp.

#include <riot/chrono.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 time_point ()
 Creates a time point with seconds and microseconds set to 0.
 time_point (timex_t &&tp)
 Create time point from timex_t struct.
constexpr time_point (const time_point &tp)=default
 Use default copy constructor.
constexpr time_point (time_point &&tp)=default
 Use default move constructor.
native_handle_type native_handle () const
 Gives access to the native handle that stores the time information.
template<class Rep , class Period >
time_pointoperator+= (const std::chrono::duration< Rep, Period > &d)
 Add a standard chrono::duration to this time point.
uint32_t seconds () const
 Returns seconds member as uint32_t.
uint32_t microseconds () const
 Returns microseconds member as uint32_t.

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