cb_mux.h File Reference

cb_mux interface definitions More...

Detailed Description

cb_mux interface definitions

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Definition in file cb_mux.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include "periph_cpu.h"
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Data Structures

struct  cb_mux
 cb_mux list entry structure More...


typedef unsigned int cb_mux_cbid_t
 cb_mux identifier type
typedef void(* cb_mux_cb_t) (void *)
 cb_mux callback type
typedef struct cb_mux cb_mux_t
 cb_mux list entry structure
typedef void(* cb_mux_iter_t) (cb_mux_t *, void *)
 cb_mux iterate function callback type for cb_mux_iter


void cb_mux_add (cb_mux_t **head, cb_mux_t *entry)
 Add a new entry to the end of a cb_mux list. More...
void cb_mux_del (cb_mux_t **head, cb_mux_t *entry)
 Remove a entry from a cb_mux list. More...
cb_mux_tcb_mux_find_cbid (cb_mux_t *head, cb_mux_cbid_t cbid_val)
 Find an entry in the list by ID. More...
cb_mux_tcb_mux_find_low (cb_mux_t *head)
 Find the entry with the lowest ID. More...
cb_mux_tcb_mux_find_high (cb_mux_t *head)
 Find the entry with the highest ID. More...
cb_mux_cbid_t cb_mux_find_free_id (cb_mux_t *head)
 Find the lowest unused ID. More...
void cb_mux_iter (cb_mux_t *head, cb_mux_iter_t func, void *arg)
 Run a function on every item in the cb_mux list. More...