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boards/microbit/include/periph_conf.h File Reference

Peripheral configuration for the BBC micro:bit. More...

Detailed Description

#include "periph_cpu.h"
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Clock configuration
The radio will not work with the internal RC oscillator!
#define CLOCK_CORECLOCK   (16000000U) /* fixed for all NRF51822 */
Real time counter configuration
#define RTT_NUMOF   (1U)
#define RTT_IRQ_PRIO   1
#define RTT_DEV   NRF_RTC1
#define RTT_IRQ   RTC1_IRQn
#define RTT_ISR   isr_rtc1
#define RTT_MAX_VALUE   (0xffffff)
#define RTT_FREQUENCY   (10) /* in Hz */
#define RTT_PRESCALER   (3275U) /* run with 10 Hz */
UART configuration
#define UART_NUMOF   (1U)
#define UART_PIN_RX   25
#define UART_PIN_TX   24
ADC configuration

The configuration consists simply of a list of channels that should be used

#define ADC_NUMOF   (0)
#define RADIO_IRQ_PRIO   1
 Radio device configuration. More...

Timer configuration

#define TIMER_0_ISR   isr_timer0
#define TIMER_1_ISR   isr_timer1
#define TIMER_2_ISR   isr_timer2
#define TIMER_NUMOF   (sizeof(timer_config) / sizeof(timer_config[0]))
static const timer_conf_t timer_config []

I2C (TWI) configuration

#define I2C_NUMOF   (sizeof(i2c_config) / sizeof(i2c_config[0]))
static const i2c_conf_t i2c_config []

Macro Definition Documentation

(16U) /* set to 0: internal RC oscillator
16: 16MHz crystal
32: 32MHz crystal */

Definition at line 36 of file boards/microbit/include/periph_conf.h.

#define RADIO_IRQ_PRIO   1

The radio is not guarded by a NUMOF define, as the radio is selected by its own module in the build system.

Definition at line 131 of file boards/microbit/include/periph_conf.h.

Variable Documentation

const i2c_conf_t i2c_config[]
Initial value:
= {
.dev = NRF_TWI0,
.pin_scl = 0,
.pin_sda = 30,
.ppi = 0

Definition at line 103 of file boards/microbit/include/periph_conf.h.

const timer_conf_t timer_config[]
Initial value:
= {
.dev = NRF_TIMER0,
.channels = 3,
.irqn = TIMER0_IRQn
.dev = NRF_TIMER1,
.channels = 3,
.irqn = TIMER1_IRQn
.dev = NRF_TIMER2,
.channels = 3,
.irqn = TIMER2_IRQn

Definition at line 45 of file boards/microbit/include/periph_conf.h.