bh1750fvi.h File Reference

Interface definition for the Rohm BH1750FVI ambient light sensor. More...

Detailed Description

#include "periph/i2c.h"
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Data Structures

struct  bh1750fvi_t
 Device descriptor for BH1570FVI devices. More...
struct  bh1750fvi_params_t
 Set of configuration parameters for BH1750FV devices. More...


 Default address of BH1750FVI sensors.
 Maximum I2C bus speed to use with the device.
#define BH1750FVI_ADDR_PIN_LOW   (0x5c)
 Possible I2C bus addresses of the device. More...
#define BH1750FVI_ADDR_PIN_HIGH   (0x23)
 ADDR pin := 1.


enum  { BH1750FVI_OK = 0, BH1750FVI_ERR_I2C = -1 }
 Status and error return codes. More...


int bh1750fvi_init (bh1750fvi_t *dev, bh1750fvi_params_t *params)
 Initialize the given BH1750FVI device. More...
uint16_t bh1750fvi_sample (const bh1750fvi_t *dev)
 Read a ambient light value from the given device [in LUX]. More...