async_read.h File Reference

Multiple asynchronus read on file descriptors. More...

Detailed Description

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#define ASYNC_READ_NUMOF   2
 Maximum number of file descriptors.
typedef void(* native_async_read_callback_t) (int fd, void *arg)
 asynchronus read callback type
void native_async_read_setup (void)
 initialize asynchronus read system More...
void native_async_read_cleanup (void)
 shutdown asynchronus read system More...
void native_async_read_continue (int fd)
 resume monitoring of file descriptors More...
void native_async_read_add_handler (int fd, void *arg, native_async_read_callback_t handler)
 start monitoring of file descriptor More...

Function Documentation

void native_async_read_add_handler ( int  fd,
void *  arg,
native_async_read_callback_t  handler 
[in]fdThe file descriptor to monitor
[in]argPointer to be passed as arguments to the callback
[in]handlerThe callback function to be called when the file descriptor is ready to read.
void native_async_read_cleanup ( void  )

This deregisters SIGIO signal handler.

void native_async_read_continue ( int  fd)

Call this function after reading file descriptors.

[in]fdThe file descriptor to monitor
void native_async_read_setup ( void  )

This registers SIGIO signal handler.