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arduino-atmega-common/include/board.h File Reference

Board specific definitions for the arduino Uno and. More...

Detailed Description

#include "cpu.h"
#include "arduino_pinmap.h"
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#define UART_STDIO_BAUDRATE   (9600U)
 As the CPU is too slow to handle 115200 baud, we set the default baudrate to 9600 for this board.
#define LED0_ON   (PORTB |= LED0_MASK)
 LED pin definitions and handlers.
#define LED0_OFF   (PORTB &= ~LED0_MASK)
#define LED0_TOGGLE   (PORTB ^= LED0_MASK)
#define XTIMER_WIDTH   (16)
 Context swap defines Setup to use PC5 which is pin change interrupt 13 (PCINT13) This emulates a software triggered interrupt. More...
#define XTIMER_SHIFT   (2)
#define XTIMER_HZ   (250000UL)
#define XTIMER_BACKOFF   (40)


void board_init (void)
 Initialize board specific hardware, including clock, LEDs and std-IO.